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Currently I have;

Star Wars Galaxies
I used to love SWG, it was my first MMORPG and I played it despite my dodgy graphic card crapping out and all, i had some coolish stuff, and a lot of cool friends that made the game worth playing, i has the suckiest jobs in the entire galaxy but was darn proud of my Rangerer, Bio-Engineer, bit of Force Sensitive build.
Then came Publish 14, suddenly the game was not as good, in fact it was kinda sucky, simplified lots and with more bugs then before and all the cool things were suddenly not so cool.
Then came CU, making all the combat things better but ... none of my things were combat so I got even more sucky and buggy.
Finally came NGE, the new game enhancments an attempt at a relaunch that just bites so much, the 30+ jobs you could do reduced to just 9, the character i'd invested time in forced to change because... well they think making the game simpler means younger players will start playing and they'll get more money.

SWG just now is really sucky, I have no idea why i'm paying for it still, I guess I keep hoping that at some point they'll go, "Sorry, we are really sorry" and reveal it's all been some horrible practical joke.

My main is a 82 Bothan Spy just now, with 9 respecs so I could become anything I wanted, if only they all didn't suck.

World of Warcraft
I play WOW it's ... well yeah it's big and it's kinda shiny but ehhhh it's not got the same "wow" factor as SWG had at start, i've got some random stuff that's kinda, "ooh that's ... how do I use that?"

My main is a 20 Tauren Druid which is ehhh kinda fun but I dunno what if anything to do next in the game.

City of Heroes

CoH is the game I play when i want to really destress and beat things up which is odd that my main is a 24 Empath Healer then...
I do like CoH there's quite often some fun on it but I prefer...

City of Vilians

CoV is the game I play when I want to have fun and destress at the same time, the plot driven stuff I like and it's the same level of fun as CoH.
My main in CoV is 21 Regeneration Brute called Puppy who can't talk properly yet.

Trickster Online

New game, played it a little and not hugely impressed it's got some nifty ideas but mostly doesn't seem that different from Rangarok online with some different avatars.
I couldn't even tell you what my main on it is.
It is free however so...

Matrix Online

Played it for a month it was very pretty and had some fairly nifty skills rather then level based stuff (of course to get some skills you need to be level X) so I got my character to 10 and had managed to grind a lot of mishes (which were mostly the same) and had bought two different lines of abilities so I could go all techy and do lots of crafting things or I could go kinda combatty supporty.

I made an alt and a main but found they were both really kinda similar, one just had more stuff then the other as I figured out what to do second time around...

Don't currently have a sub to MXO

Eve Online

Don't have this yet, is next in my list of, MMORPG's to try.
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