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Stuff about people


jacel cuddly welsh type person I dunno that much about :( Sorries hon you should pester me more often and batter my lil kitty brain around to do me some learning.
I do recall you being a snuggly draggon type and stoof.

nicolyrezk cor I know someone as infamous as nicolyrezk! Wooo, hey i've know you for a while and I think i've seen you across a crowded bar mebbe once... Cool dragon from again Wales, they make good dragons down there apparently.
You've become really pretty darn smart and clever as well and can do things with computers that make me blink and go, "Wahuh??"

snowfields again I've known you for a while, seen an entire community grow up around us, change, diversify, collapse and start again hunh?
I have met you breifly and you didn't punch me which was good even if I really did deserve it a little lot.
You probably know more secrets about me then most, and even then it's not many but you are very friendly and really do deserve nice and good things to happen.

d_raven Eeeee! You are snuggly and have cute ferrets (or I hope you have them back at least... if not hey look me = insensitive jerk :( ) you are a top bloke and have really cool super mario smash parties.

lilhowler sensitive (in the good cuddly way ^^) Candian type planted into Americaland, I'm sorry but you are right cutie, I don't know that much about you :(
You should pester me on the instant message thing also :)

klepsydra Slinky, very sexy snuggly kitty temptress, uberliness brainy and hugely diplomatic, you should come out more often however :)

marshiepup cuddly fluffy huggly puppy, very playful and always being able to make me smile makes me a huge fan of yours, I'm not going to say to much since this is a new persona for you and I dunno how much you want people knowing.

bryonycoran Cool Aberdonianian, and that's harder to say then it is to find one ^^ Super nifty artist girl that I should really say "HELLO!" to one day and then run off and hide or something >.>

toroth yup I have met you a few times i'm sure of it but I really do have a terrible memory, again someone that simply MUST pester me on instant message and say hi.

danteotter ahhh i've spoken to you at least once i'm darn sure of it >.>
I can't think where however... Again pester me on instant message >.>

laini Bah! I don't like you!! You invited me to friend you on X-fire and then promptly stop using it ^^ I've know you for a bit but never really chatted much or anything which in retrospect seems a shame 'cause I recall you being kinda nifty.

ginookami Cuddly and opionionated (again in a good way) I've only really just started to learn about you, it's your fault I posted this meme however, so that's a good thing ^^
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