Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,


andreuswolf annoyingly cool? Yes annoyingly cool, why annoying 'cause you are all the way down sourth in Englandshire. I really like reading your LJ actually, it's nifty and makes me smile quite often.
Knowing nuffink about you I made some stuff up, apparently you almost invented Ibuprofen but a major drug company stole the patent.

longshothusky I've known you for a while like many people, you love BMX'inging and from what little i've heard are pretty good at it.
I've commished you to do the two most embarrasing pics I own, and was really proud you did such a great job on them.

qukatt issa Quilla! I like talk to you and stuff which is really cool, you have a cuddly guy thing called Stoof. You should get crow road stuffs happening again and just keep pestering me to turn up to CoX thing as puppy in full costume.

impyd is a really nice puppy that i should get some more art commished of 'cause he's only got 1 picture and it's kinda cute but slightly embarrasing for him.
Very snuggly, really nice and enjoys a lot of the same things I do, why do you have to live across the pond :(
Again i don't know much about you so I'll say you used to fly helicopters for a living but don't anymore.

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