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Hmmmm Had a really neaters weekend, it was ace and neat wif a lossa people atta Moulin Rouge which was very neaters.

Den back to mousey batcave (Nullmouseses pad) for much Simpsons watching and fighty action wif Soul Caliber.

Onna Sunday we went to a car boot sale, didn't find any car boots but did get Diplomacy for 3 (a saving of around 52 which is nice.) and watched Eddie and skritched and snuggled and skritched and evillytickled the dwaggin.

Um then went off to play in Demon City Shinjoku run by Rob (robrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrob ROB ROBROB!) then went home and fell asleep.

Supposed to be going to the Proms in London this weekend but haven't got any place to a crash on Friday and Saturday so like so many incredibly neat and fun things i'll probably have to cancel it and just stay at home.

Which is a shame.

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