Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

On the third day of christmas

I am not sure if I really like this new interface at all, it's nice and shiny but meh...

Tonight I will mostly be playing city of heroes but i'm so nnnnnngggggg i might actually do some colouring.

I won't be going to the fur meet on Saturday as i'm going to take a friend to Oban on Sunday and will probably spend most of tomorrow sleeping.

Still xmas shopping done already, some ... pretty NAF (nice and fuzzy) things from Tesco.

I'm more pleased with the things I got Loupy and Crystal Brightsea.

Folks I didn't get gifts for but wanted to include Kitsuna, Kokuryuu, Arakin (who did get some things but I really wanna give him more), NmonkeyJ and Whiteleaf.

There is one very special person, Nekosune that I really wanted to have a house where we could live and stuff sorted out for but, well 2007 is going to be a great year.

Anywho today has been totally cracksmoking non-stop crazy 24/7 and i'm very glad I have only an hour left here of work.

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