Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

Review of the year 2006

Back from Hannover, after a murr and cuddly time with Chica I arrived back in the UK, I really wanna go visit Chica and everyone else I met there soon, it was so nifty.

Preparing for Converzion, stressy time preparing for local RPG convention Converzion, in the end all the stress wasn't worth it the convention wasn't as big as we had hoped. Was kinda fun still.

Don't talk like a pirate day, I take on this rather lame internet instution of talk like a pirate day, ninjas for the win or something. Really however, everyone kept hammering on about how it was just for fun and entirely optional, which is why i got really pissed with the Captain's log and other piratey nonsense around on LJ

Weekends, pah, who needs them! This was a very long boring weekend during which nothing really happened, very slowly :(

Rain, heavy rain punctuates the Scottish weather like a teenager's face with acne.

20/06 2006, at 6 minutes past 8pm you had 20:06 20/06 2006 which looks pretty nifty.

MxO, I force dantecorwyn to play Matrix Online, issa not a great game sure but it's got some clever bits.

"Ma" Jong, My mother played Mahh Jong for 3 hours solid meaning I couldn't speak to people and such.

Snow in Spring, heavy blizzards gave today a lovely if somewhat horrific whiteness.

Falcon's Eye, played this 3d version of Nethack, still prefer ASCII tile set

Conflagration, was thinking about going to Conflagration in Glasgow (Did in the end) it was a nifty wee con.

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