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Extended community

Dr Mondo with the prescision on an attack surgeron weilding a scalpal cut right to the heart of the matter; "Why belong to a group where the only connection is weirdness?"

Dr Mondo was right, extended communities as a concept just don't work, they are crack inspired creations of those too lonley to deal with life without assistance.

Good for them! Clinging to each other in sheer desperation looking for help, love, friendship, even a friendly word of hi once in a while but doing so on the back of happening to believe that Elvis still lives, why not just say hi once in a while, make someone happy.

Forget the weird vauge connection, reach out to another person and give them a reason for being; let someone know that they aren't alone, the world isn't that big.

Make someone happy today not because of some weird sub-culture, not because of some obscure belief, not even because of a shared interest in an artificially created culture online, tell a stranger it was good to chat.

"Why belong to a group where the only connection is weirdness, a fringe of society that doesn't fit in and has no place?" Dr Mondo asked in full.

There's no answer, but there's hope that the connection in weirdness is just the start and that people want to be connected to others, regardless of the weird.

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