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There should probably be a post here.

Something about why as a community we should pay £2760 more then required.

Yes i'm back to Confuzzled and i'm not sure i'll actually hit the post button by the end of this.

After all the drama and me making a lot of mistakes, being called names (not new for me), and told to not be a jerk I went off and wasn't a jerk for a while.

Then a friend (who I won't mention here 'cause he might not want it) pointed out he'd stayed at a YHA recently and £45 a night was a little off, even for a private room and I should check here

So I checked there
and yes that's right Valid until: 29/02/2008 Price includes breakfast Adult: £21.00

So what happens to the other £24?

I thought, well there's lunch and dinner on top of that as well as the hiring of the hall for the convention itself.

Sure the YHA can also charge extra on top of the lunch, dinner and hire of the hall because there's so many people, but the more and more I find out about this convention the more and more I dislike the concept itself.

Conventions don't work here in the UK because it's the UK, I don't want to feel like i've been ripped off by paying for what is nothing more then an extended meet at a central location.

It's why I liked the idea of Therians and the more recent Spirit Fur meets, meeting with not just random furs but folks that share a more specialised intrest in an aspect of the furry fandom and also going somewhere neat and intresting.

Of course it is most likely that i'm just embittered and bored by myself up here and like the drama...
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