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Why all the fuss

About Confuzzled?

Well last time I helped organise a Convention, when we went to the place asking to rent two large meeting rooms and one smaller meeting room rather then increasing the price of the hotel rooms and charging us more for food we asekd what we could do for some kind of synergy between the venue and ourselves and so anyone staying at the hotel got cut price room rates (from £60/night to £20/night) for those staying three nights and they put on a special menu for anyone that had a convention pass (reduced menu but of cheaper meals)

We were charged a flat rate for the three rooms and it was for signifcantly less the the total amount being banded around for Confuzzled despite prices being much more expensive here in Aberdeen (High levels of disposable income)

So no i'm not thinking anyone will rip us all off, I think the YHA already has done but hey it wants to make money too.
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