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Regarding this post, lots of feedback but i'd note that the petition (whilst pointless, I just wanted to do _something_) is mostly that you can be doing a job for GameStation, 40 hours a week and only be paid £59.15 + £15.38 for the entire 40 hours of work.
Now that's £74.53 a week or around £1.86 per an hour.

Given that national minimum wage is £5.05 per hour companies employing people doing job placements save around £3.19/hour.

I don't think that's fair what I was trying to suggest is that rather then £1.86 an hour the goverment and the place you are doing the work placement work together to give you either training over a period of 2 to 3 hours a day and no extra cash or after you've done 2 to 3 hours training the company would have pay for the work you are doing.

And as I was talking to someone else, no I don't have to come up with how this would work, that's for people with leet management skillz in government to do :)

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