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Blog like it's the end of the world (3)

I thought it was odd, I mean we don't here gunfire that often here in the UK and so I didn't notice it had stopped until just now.

I'm doing okay, i've actually seen one shambling down the road only to get squashed by a small tank; the arm totally continued to twitch until they brought out the naplam...

So i've cleaned the vomit off myself and had a shower, feel better, there's only 2 of us in the office now, we can head off in about an hour after all the data is moved across to the US servers, I hate waiting, but I am safe here, we have triple glazing front doors (and interior front doors) a 3" thick oak door, the 1.5" thick wooden door to the stairs (with filing cabinet blocking it) another door at the top of the stairs also blocked and another 3" thick door for the office.

Fire saftey > zombies

I hope.

Still got lots of tea to be drinking in the mean time, and power isn't a problem.

Now, how do I get to my car...

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