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I'm going home

Still another hour of this train then another two hours (and a bit) to get to Aberdeen then a 20 minute drive home, so will probably get in sometime around midnight on Monday.

It has been a wondeful holiday, huge thanks again to Loupy, SushiMunch (who put me and Loupy up for Eurodisney) and Klepsie for stayings in Londonshire.

Next weekend (this weekend coming??) I am probably going to head off to Dundee and see John and Arakin so that will be uber.

In the meantime not much to do but watch the countryside zoom past as the sun slowly sets, yes it is incredibly awesome and I have a nagging feeling I left my camera at Klepsies >.<

Still the best pictures of this holiday are in my mind, of happy times, lots of cuddles and many snuggles.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful holiday and I look forwards to seeing those I have missed whilst away when I get back home.

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