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So today I got in some trouble at work, it's not the first time and heck it probably won't be the last time but it is one of many things that really pisses me off about working there and really makes me think of quitting except I have no idea where I would go instead.


So I was carrying a Optiplex gx260, it's a pretty weighty desktop, out of a store area back to my car, I came across a door, I had entered this door without problem but on the way back when I tried my card (hard to do whilst carrying a desktop) it didn't open.
So I tried again and gave it a bit of a kick before trying one final time and giving it a bit more of a kick, it had nice large protective metal bits down the bottom, you know the kind you are supposed to ... kick if the door get's stuck.
Someone opened it from the other side and another person who had obviously been sitting there whilst I was trying to get this door open said quite rudely, Oh I don't think you should be kicking a door like that.
I asked What's your name please, mostly because I wanted to bitch about him later oh and also I guess in retrospect I couldn't see his name badge and he'd been a dickhead for not opening the door just sitting there whilst someone else did.
He told me his name and I smiled nodded and and said sorry, i'm couldn't get the door open, big desktop see.

He didn't even answer and I took the desktop away and when I got back to the office apparently he had mailed my bosses boss and complained about me so I got dragged into the office and got given a stern lecture about not seeing everything so black and white.

I've had folks complain about me before and it's been pissing me off as the two times before this it's been the other guy being a dick that's been the problem and I just kind of ignore them to an extent but apparently no, i'm supposed to bite my tongue and let them be a dick to me.

So if anyone has read this far, what should I do?

In general or specifically about the above should I go to HR and complain about the way my boss disciplined me and just kick up a fuss and more generally how can I work on becoming less of a jerk?

Apart from have lunch, had they not insisted this was urgent, I'd have had lunch and not been pissed off with the door in the first place.

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