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Super mega urgentness!

Mmk, like wow what a spazz I feel, I realised just now I have until the end of April (not May) to get all the fursuit stuff sorted out.

me = moron

Anyway, got the duct tape dummy done (was fun watching Stardust whilst getting taped up and only got snagged once or twice >.> but srsly thanks Ryath and Bryny) and can get the payment done (cash, never a problem really)

But I have a snag, I need 3 views of your character for concept art as well.

I have two, Keihound's one below and I have one from Honey on the UKfur boards (I thankfully have it saved so even if folks on the board are being retards I still have it at least...) but I still need one more.

Anyone able to do a cheap(ish) commish semi-sorta based of Kei's briliant masterpiece?

Tailhugging Runt Tailhugging Runt
Issa piccy by Keihound of what I hope to become my fursuit.

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