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Image may cause offence

I keep looking at something a friend (who I won't name yet so their LJ doesn't get flooded with hate) posted up regarding 9/11 it will be hugely offensive to some people i'm sure but it's under the spoiler if you want to look, i'll wait until you come back.

'k so ... it's funny.

It made me smirk it did what Jimmy Carr says he loves best of all the audience to burst out in deep proper belly laughs and then suddenly gasp in shock and horror realising zomg that's really wrong.

It reminds me of the South Park episode, Aids is finally funny, it's not it's a horrible disease that could be (in theroy) responsible for the elimination of mankind from this planet.

But I smirked anyway.

It's not the event that's being made fun of, 11th September 2001 was a pretty terrible day, but there have been worse days before then (I'm sure the day bubonic plague hit wasn't too shiny...) and there have even been worse days since some of which our own hatred of people having something better, thinking something different had nothing to do with.

It's easy to sit here across the pond and smirk at such things, it's remote, distant, it doesn't affect me and thus it's easy to make fun.

But I can recall sitting home late that night, waiting for people to come online just being around them made the night not so dark, the horrible things that had happened that day slightly less terrorfying becuase I could justify; at least nobody I know got hurt.

I realise now; I was wrong.

Lots of people got hurt.

Lots of people have deep running scars, emotionally mostly, dark thoughts of how if they hadn't taken the later subway train that day, it could have been them.
If the taxi hadn't been delayed, it could have been them.

5 years ago was a Sunday, I didn't even comment on anything, maybe at the time thinking a moment's silence might be good.

But most likely, I just didn't post too often on Saturday and Sunday.

What will I be saying about it in 3 years time?

I'll probably still see pictures like the one below and smirk, grin, only more openly, I'll wonder how ten years ago something so distant could have affected me so deeply.

Then i'll stop and think and I will recall why.


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