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A day of rant

Warning [15] rated - Explicit word content

--- In LondonFurs@y..., Marcony <marcony@d...> wrote:
> At 10:54 19/09/01 +0000, you wrote:
> >--- In LondonFurs@y..., Marcony <marcony@d...> wrote:
> >> Normal plan. includes dancestage.
> >
> >Would that include cancelling and negelcting to tell anyone once
> >again or is that reserved for special occasions?
> >
> >Fee
> That would include me mailing the list if such situations present
> themselves as
> mean I won't be going I will be mailing the list ans normal. That said with
> less than 8 hours to go all looks clear so far. (Not that life can't spin on a
> dime)

*blink* Um...
Sloooooooow down dude, that whole sentence right there, it was pretty messed up.

> Further more I would like to make the following point. I set up events with
> the
> genral intention of going to them. I am sure you would not think me so
> selfless
> as to bother organising something I don't want to do. This dose not mean
> however I see any reason on gods earth that I have to go to an event when
> there
> are others going who are perfectly caperble of following a simple plan.

You mean this perfectly simply plan which was decided with a mere 8 hours before the event and which those whom did attend actually followed to the letter?


> In case you hadn't noticed fions the majority of members on of this list are
> far from incompitant and csan quite easily handle thoughs tricky little things
> like Reading a watch, walking from one place to another and not losing each
> other.

Writing coherent sentances does not appear to fall into that category however.

> In shot fee. You don't need me to be there for an event so what right
> have you to demand of me that I am.

Prehaps the fact you said you were going to be, the fact that only three people turned up despite six saying they would (and one of these three would have brought the total up to seven) prehaps the fact that we were worried something horrible and nasty had happened to you (however in retrospect...)

Now maybe only when we actually give a damn about the world around us do we actually tell people who are expecting us to turn up that we won't be able to make it, putting to rest any fears those who are waiting may have and additionally freeing up those who are waiting to get on and do what they are supposed to be doing rather then sit around waiting.

> Quite frankly If I get any more of this I will just let my very closest
> companions know when I'm thinking of going some place and fuck every one else.

Please do, apparently nobody cares as it is anyway so as you say fuck everyone else, hell just disband the list it's completly pointless unless you are one of the elite clique of people.

> I am not the groups private slave and will not be trated as such.

Nobody is asking you to be a slave but to be vaugly responsible.

This is the second time i've been to London, it's been well notified and oh look nobody fucking cares.

Big surprise, I know this is the way the world is but hey you didn't have to rub my face in this kind of shit.

I'm not sure how to end this email now.


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