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How was the Aberdeen fur meet Feefers?


I turned up at 1330 and then waited in the car park in my car for an hour whilst folks were still arriving, this given it was a 1200 start I think is pretty good for furries.

Then everyone went to Jimmy Chung's for foodage, a good plan but i'd already eaten so just got a coke.

However then Drama strikes, one of the other people attending left.

Becuase I was in my fursuit, not the whole suit at Jimmy Chung's that would be crazy, just the body.

Let me say that again, I was in my fursuit at a furry meet.

Now apparently they are a lecturer and would get in big trouble being seen with someone dressed in an animal costume, at the beach lesuire centre where such things aren't horrifically uncommon.

The guy wearing the badge saying, "I love cock" or the girl wearing a t-shirt saying, "It all starts with a fuck" or the 4 people in large obvious collars or the two people with furry con-badges, no that's not an issue, it's the guy in the fursuit.

So I paid for my drink and left.

I really did try my hardest to restablish contact with other furs in the area, heck the awesome idea was fursuit bowling hence why I was wearing the fursuit at all.

So that's how the fur meet was.

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