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Why i'm not supporting Everyone Draw Muhammad pbuh Day

And boycotting facebook for the day as well.


Only I don't really know, I guess this one time in RE (or Religious and Moral Education as it had morphed to at the time) we had a lesson on the Islamic faith and i thought you know what that's kinda cool for people to have invested so much of themselves in faith is groovy and awesome, I don't see myself doing that but if other people want to I should respect that and not jump up and down on thier toes going neener neener neener.

That's how I see this, there's been some people that are far more clever then me have done some really awesome things, I really like chipuni's entry an interpretation of the Arabic calligraphy which is not only respectful of others and in his own words; "My goal is to support freedom of speech, not to be needlessly provocative."

So that's why I'm not taking part, maybe it's really because I can't draw, but mostly it's because it just to me would feel wrong.
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