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Getting grarrrrghhh

Still no word at all about my mouse sleeper suit, that must be over a year and a bit now do I just ask for my money back at this stage or what?

I really wanted it then, i'm not so sure now it would feel kind of sucky to get it now I guess.

Same with some art stuff, one i've really given up totally any chance of it ever being done so ... ehh i'm cool with that, the other isn't so old but i'm not sure i want what I asked for any more i've moved on i'm in a different place now and again getting it now would just be ... ehhh.

I also miss speaking to a lot of people some face to face but many more online, i'm not quite sure how we drifted so far apart but what i'd like most is to reconnect in someway but maybe you've moved on too and don't want that any more.

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