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Yeah, so ... okay it was pretty awesome.

The convention at least, the hotel ... well let's stick to the nice things I guess and just put that down to a learning experience.

The people I met were as always really incredibly awesome and Kale and Neko really did help make is super awesome but getting to snuggle with Kenshi was pretty groovy.

Meeting up with Stormy and Silver Icetail as well and the mad crazy ride from the airport was pretty awesome it would have been really nifty to spend more time with them but Silver was having uber awesome funs so that's cools

Best bit as well was the improvised Babyfur meet up on the Sunday, the idea of having secret cub club did fall apart horrifically due to room issues at the hotel but just getting to chillax and chat with folks was pretty groovy.

So that's pretty much it, feeling really sads still, I think next time I get to do anything like this again will be January and at Further Confusion again, so something to look forwards to even if it is far away.

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