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Ending of an era

Sony posted me a reminder to renew my Star Wars Galaxy subscription by 15th September if I want to see the big end game.

I will get a free month of play so only have to pay for a two month subscription and the things that are being promised sound ... amazing actually.

After 8 years, 1 month and 8 days (In the EU) of which i'd been around for about 5 of those years the Galactic Civil War between the forces of the Empire and the Rebels is coming to a head.

What Galaxies is promising is between the 15th September and game close everything you do will have an effect in game on who ultimately wins.

As the email shot says, "Whichever faction wins determines the final events in the game - the outcome is determined by you!"

And ... for the first time in a while I'm pretty excited, I haven't played SWG in ... oh gosh I can't even think how long now that i really am looking forward to going back.

It's going to be hard however, everything about the game has changed so badly over time it's one of the reasons I finally left.

But now I think I will go back, I was there for the end of the matrix online, i really want to be there for the end of SWG.

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