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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

It was a Tuesday.

I was working for Halliburton then doing data processing on their licences it was incredibly dull and very unforfilling job, I kept getting told to focus on doing the licences and not browse the internet despite the fact I was very good at entering licences and usually finished in 3 or 4 hours everything I was supposed to do in a day.

So it came to pass that I didn't find out until some 4 hours later at 2:46 pm local time here in the UK.

Between then and when I left work at 5pm I tried to find our more but it wasn't until I got along to The Illicit still that I really knew what was going on.

I can clearly recall coming in and LGS was there already and there was only one thing on the telvision.
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