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Writer's Block: Thank you veterans

Who are your heroes?

How do you define a hero?

Is it by the courage and dignity, their conviction to do what is right, just and proper?

Is it those that inspire, the provide a role model with brave deeds and noble qualities?

Today is Remeberance day, veterans day, armistace day.

A day where we remember those killed and injured in all the wars we have managed to have.

But were they heroes?

Certinally there can be no doubt they have the courage and dignity, the conviction in the beliefs that they were doing what was right.

They have inspired future generations with brave deeds many had noble qualities.

In the end however they were just people like everyone else.

A hero is not born, but by the course of their actions they can be tempered, cast and made.

We are all heroes in our own special way, we can all show courage and dignity to do what is right, just and proper.

We can all inspire others with brave deeds, noble qualities or just listening, talking, helping those around us.

Why not take 5 minutes today and be a hero for someone.

Find someone to help not because you will be rewarded but because you can.

Because you can be a hero too.

Today, you are the hero.
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