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Review : January 2012

January is best month.

Let me qualify that with some more words.

January started coming in off a very quiet December 2011, I was alone at New Years and ... yeah that sucked quite a lot but it's cool because after a few days relaxing it was off to work, for three days.

Then it was a short drive down to Glasgow, when I say short it takes about 3 hours but you are rewarded at the end of your trip with the awesomeness that is Kachi, Disturbia and Bentley.

They are all super awesome nice and it's really great to see them but I was only there a very brief time pretty much crash on couch for a shortness of time and then off to London.

Travelling from Glasgow by train instead of Aberdeen is such a better experience, travelling from Aberdeen you always feel pretty worn out by the end of it, it's not so bad from Glasgow.

A quick overnight in the Heathrow Lodge a quaint if somewhat odd hotel just near the airport and then in the morning it was off to America!

The flight was pretty long, I would if possibly not fly with American again, the in-flight entertainment was dire with only Real Steel (a fun movie but i'd seen it twice already) and Dolphin's Tale the watchable movies they had, comparing this to the Continental flight I was on last year it was so much better.

Arriving in Chicago this time the international entry to the US is incredibly poor, it takes at least an hour standing in a very long queue of tired people that have just gotten off a jet to be processed it's really not the best experience.
Then getting to customs they couldn't find my ESTA ( details, fortunately I was able to find them and let them know so it was cool and groovy, i wasn't even slightly unnerved by this in retrospect maybe I should have been?

A quick connecting flight to San Jose was even worse then the international flight as the only in-flight entertainment was ... Real Steel on hard to see monitors at various points in the plane.

Arriving in San Jose I made my way to the other terminal and was awaiting the arrival of Kokuryuu who had come in from Seattle, it wasn't too long a wait and both pretty tired we got on the shuttle bus to the hotel and flopped during the night.

In the morning we had an awesome American style breakfast, it was delcious and nummy and fully of awesomes and a nice way to wake up, especially with someone you wanna be with.

Then it was time to pick up the car rental and I found the website had gone really weeeeeeeeeeird when I booked it and the car was booked for the 22nd of November 2012.
I should have probably checked this out more but I didn't really mind and just arranged a new one there the car we got was an Chevrolet HHR with sooooooooo much space for everything we needed but not actually that great a motor.

It was then a not too long drive up to Pacifica for a stay at which was just so awesomes the view was totally amazing and it was just perfect way to start a holiday with the sun slowly melting into the Pacific.

The next day we had noms at Nicks ( ) and was really surprised by how good it was with some of the most num garlic bread i've had in ages.

We then went met up with Cryn and visited the San Fransisco Cartoon Art Museum ( ) which was smaller and not as detailed as I was hoping for I think it's one you have to go to monthly to see the changing displays to really appreciate fully.

Then it was off to Fishermans Wharf ( ) where much shopping was done it was a really lovely day out and we even had time to visit the Aquarium ( ) which's main feature was a long tunnel section, a REALLLLLY long tunnel section so that was pretty awesome.

We met up with the amazingly nice Miraways and Pepe both of whom are just so nice and really awesomes.

Then it was to San Jose for Further Confusion, I loved the convention hugely, it is such a nice change to have so many people on roughly the same wavelength and to see so many fuzzies, I really enjoy seeing tails and fuzzy ears on people so for me it was great given.

The con itself I only really did two planned things the fursuit parade (which I paraded in but then snuck off before the photo as it was going to take aaaaaaaaaages) and the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel where the parasprites I made invaded the crowd awesomely well I was really pleased with that.

I was really lucky during the con, with Koku pretty much our every move was met with awesome people we knew, from the adorable Drabit to the awesome Gore ... wait that's just D to G how about from the Zan-Zan to BeccaBunny, that more of a range for you?

Special props must go out to Zephyr, K'rimi, Tugsie and Koru as well

Seriously however it was really awesome to meet up with people and I can't wait to go back next year.

After FC Koku and myself hung around San Jose and stayed at the not so amazing BEST WESTERN PLUS Lanai Garden Inn & Suites which was a pretty grotty and I'd not recommend.

During the last few days we visited the tech museum which apparently is a LOT better then people recall and we had a super awesome time there including randomly finding another fur.

The flight back I mostly slept so was thankfully not subjected to Real Steel again.

Arriving back home i'd just like to comment on the difference between US customs border control and UK customs border control.

UK control in Heathrow four large planes of people were funneling towards the check point I thought i'd be ages waiting around, there was a queue but it was short and moved really quickly however for me I found my passport has the new enhanced thingy which meant I could just scan my passport look at a camera and ding that was it.

I was really surprised by how incredibly quick it was!

Then it's back to work, it's been very busy here with lots of IT problems our queue of outstanding problems is very long with people messing up the system by mailing about the same problem multiple times.

That and it's always a little busy in January with people coming back.

Just last week was the 2012, this year I met Leinir and we did it in Glasgow after the one in London was nice but stinky with no showers.

And that brings us to now.

So once again January = best month

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