Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

The nursery at confuzzled!

Okies I can confirm the Nursery is going to be going ahead on Sunday evening!

What's going to be there;

Strange and odd ab/dl content continues after the break...

Soaker pads! - Feefer's mysterious thick additional soaker pads for diapers (will also fit small)

Padding! - A selection of some padding in some sizes will be availble, it's by no means mandatory but highly encouraged.

Plushies! - A large supply of snuggly fluffy cuddly toys will be there

Colouring books! - Still trying to work this out will hopefully have some cute artwork to colourificate!

Doughnuts! - Nom!! Lots of nummy lovely colourful nummy doughnuts to nom on!

Oatmeal! - Mmmmyup that's right for those brave enough to try the oatmeal challenge, we'll have warm oatmeal for diaper filling contests

Sissy/Poofy clothes! - For those that like frillies there'll be a limited number of cutesy dresses and poofy filled onesies/sleepers to try on

Cartoons! - We'll have ponies there for sure, everyone loves ponies right? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Not everyone loves ponies?! Well we'll have some of the best animated feature films there as well.

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