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Confuzzled + Nursery

So Confuzzled has been and sadly gone, for myself the highlights of the convention were Kenshi and Leinir's civil partnership which I had the huge honour of witnessing and then the nursery on Sunday evening.

For me the rest of the con was ... yeah but that's my own fault.

My roomy this year was the totally awesome SeanC ( ) with his amazingly adorable Peaches Goat suit he was super cool and I really hope my early mornings didn't disturb him too much.

The hotel, zounds the hotel is so much better then last year, SO MUCH BETTER, I really loved the hotel a lot.

Arriving Thursday got in about 2pm so was able to get into the room right away and SeanC was already there, then it was waiting around hanging out until 6pm when we got hotel exclusivsity.

At about 6 was out in suit for a while and had some fun then registration line which i forgot my ID for so had to go get and join the end of the line :p

Got to bed about 11pm was shattered after drive down.

Friday was a bit of a meh day, was feeling bleeeech and got woke up by a helicopter of all things landing just outside which was pretty cool but not if you are feeling meh.
Got up, pottered about a bit really didn't get much of anything done and went to bed again early.

Saturday was the first super awesome day, Leinir and Kenshi's wedding really almost had me in tears a great many times, they are both so amazing and loving of each other, it's really beautiful to see.

Nipped in to the dealers den to pick up an awesome badge from Taya and suffered deep nnnnngs over the rainbow dash suit, I spent a long time thinking if I could afford it and deciding I could ... but not to and save up for something 40% more awesome.

Sunday was a super awesome day it was cooler so suiting wasn't so much an a issue which is good because it was the fursuit parade.

The parade was about as usual, went down with Peaches and stood around in the main stage (an unventilated room with no water) for 35 minutes, it's not good however we did get this adorable picture ( ) with Marbles which was super awesome.
The parade was pretty fun, I stayed with Zee-Zee and Gem and held Gem's tail for a lot of it to keep it from getting dirty and stepped on.

After the parade I went shopping and got a bunch of snacks and awesomes for the nursery party.

The nursery is probably what i'm proudset of managing to pull of, we had about 45 people in and out the doors at various times from those into the Adult Baby side to those that are just into diapers and even several people that were just really curious and intrested to try.

The actual event really came in four sections there was an early AB section where we had people really enjoying cub space time, we doodled on socks, coloured in drawings played with balloons and bubbles and played some kids card games that were really fun.

Then there was a toddler section where we played some more grown up games including a newly created (and very fun) version of duck, duck goose.

Then there was the cirnklelove section, lots of folks that liked diapers and lots of really in depth discussion about diapers

Finally there was the chillax section where we watched ponies and just about stayed awake.

The total highlight was security having to check for a giant oscar during the party, they were totally professional and i'd like to think nobody in the room even really noticed (even though everyone clearly did) as it was such a relaxed atmosphere so there was no embarassment over being seen in the cub room.

Then Monday I had to pack and drive 8 hours up the road, stopped off in Glasgow and saw Disturbia, Bentley and Kachi and gave Disturbia a lift up to Aberdeen.
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