Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

From FA

Have you ever...

1. Had sex? No
2. Bought Condoms? No.
3. Gotten somebody Pregnant? Yes, see step 2. Wait... see step 1.
4. Failed A Class? No
5. Kissed A Boy? Yes
6. Kissed A Girl? Yes
7. Used A Little Paper Bag for Lunch? No, but have used plastic bags
8. Had A Job? Yes
9. Slipped On Ice? Yes, and badly
10. Missed The School Bus? Never needed a bus.
11. Fucked a girl? No
12. Bullied Someone On The Internet? Probably?? If I have i'm sorry I was a jerk, i wasn't a very good person then.
13. Sexted? Yes
14. Sex In Public? See step 1
15. Played On A Sports Team? No
16. Smoked Weed? No
17. Smoked Cigarettes? No
18. Smoked A Cigar? No.
19. Drank Alcohol? Yes, didn't really like it so much
20. Watched porn? Technically, i've seen explicit 18/R rated movies that were more gore.
21. Skipped class? Yes
22. Gotten Arrested? No
23. Done meth? No
24. Been To A Wedding? Yes
25. Fell in love with a best friend? No
26. Been On The Computer For 5 Hours Straight? I believe that's called "Work"
27. Watched TV For 5 Hours Straight? Yes.
28. Been Late For Work? Yes.
29. Been Late For School? No
30. Kissed In The Rain? Yes
31. Showered With Someone Else? No
32. Failed My Drivers Test? Yes first time, really was totally not ready for it :p Passed second time.
33. Cheated on a ex? No.
34. Been Outside My Home Country? Yes
35. Been On A Road Trip Longer Than 5 Hours? Yes
36. Had Lice? No
37. Gotten My Heart Broken? Yes
38. Had A Credit Card? Yes
39. Been To A Professional Sports Game? No
40. Broken A Bone? Yes, but i can't recall it.
41. Am I BI/Gay/Lesbian? I don't know are you?
42. Won A Trophy? Yes
43. Cut Myself Unintentionally? Yes
44. Had An STD.? No
45. Got Engaged? Not yet
46. Done ecstasy? No
47. Tried Out To Be On A TV Show? No but I have been on tv shows.
48. Rode In A Taxi? Yes
49. Been To Prom? No
50. Played A Drinking Game? No
51. Stayed Up For 24 Hours Or More? Yes
52. Been To A Concert? Yes
53. Had A Three-Some? No
54. Had A Crush On Someone Of The Same Sex? Yes
55. Been In A Car Accident? Yes, three times
56. Had Braces? Yes
57. Learned Another Language? I was tought another language, I didn't really learn it.
58. Killed An Animal? Flies and spiders by accident, i usually try release them back into the wild.
59. Been At A Yard Sale? Yes
60. Been To A Japanese Steakhouse? No
61. Wore Make Up? No but this will hopefully change soon
62. Talked To Someone Via Webcam? Yes
63. Lost My Virginity Before I Was 16? No
64. Had My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out? No but I probably need to >.<
65. Kissed Someone A Different Race Than Myself? Yes
66. Snuck Out Of The House? No need to
67. Bought Porn? Yes
68. Had A Virus On My Computer? Yes gosh darn it was annoying and totally my own fault for clicking the wrong thing took a while but got rid of it.
69. Had Oral Sex? Yes
70. Dyed My Hair? No
71. Gone Skinny Dipping? No
72. Graduated From College? Yes
73. Wore Someone Else’s Clothes? Yes
74. Voted In A Presidential Election? Yes, if school president counts?
75. Rode In An Ambulance? No
76. Rode In A Helicopter? Yes, frigging awesome
77. Caught The Stove On Fire? Yes, didn't panic, put it out.
78. Got In A Verbal Fight? Yes
79. Met Someone Famous? Yes; David Cameron, Vladimir Putin, Lasha Shavdatuashvili and every member of the 2012 Men's -66kg Judo team, Eddie Izzard, Keith Chewguin and possibly best of all, Darth Vader.
80. Been On Vacation? Yes
82. Been On A Boat? Yes
81. Been On An Airplane? Yes
83. Broken Something Expensive? Nothing irreplacable.
84. Had Surgery? Yes
85. Beat A Video Game? Yes
86. Found Something Valuable On The Ground? No
87. Made A Survey? Yes
88. Stalked Someone On A Social Network? No
89. Prank Called Someone? No
90. Been To A Library Outside Of School? Yes
91. Spent Over $100 Shopping In One Day? Yes
92. Cut My Hair And Hated It? No
93. Peed Outside? Yes
94. Went Fishing? Yes
95. Helped With Charity? Yes
96. Taken A Pregnancy Test? Might be fun and possibly even show false positives with current cocktail of hormones.
97. Been Rejected By A Crush? No
98. Been Suspended From School? Yes, was being bullied and stood up to them, maybe broke someone's leg doing so. Totally worth it.
99. Broken a mirror? No
100. Thrown up on someone? No, just missed once, was very ill.
101. Lied to your parents? Yes

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