Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

An update of sorts

I've been getting more back into writing, i'm still terrible at it and no, i'm not going to get better.
But I still enjoy it some, a few people say they like the stuff I do, the mood it creates in them.
A few stories i've even enjoyed writing, just feeling wanting to get them out.

It's possibly the lack of colouring, Kammy hasn't finished a comic in almost 3 weeks now and I miss the creative spark for doing the colouring (i've even downloaded a bunch of ink lines Gem said was okay to colour which i'm working on).

I've been playing minecraft and started animal crossing.

I guess I should have started saying i've found someone that wants to help bring out my puppy side more, we'll see how that goes but so far it's been nice and fun and so far removed from the lonely unhappiness of last time it's good.

I've also been trying to connect still with this missing spiritual element, i've been asking around and so far, nothing; keep trying I guess, don't give up!

It hurts however.

I can only rely on the words of others that it's not my fault, that i'm doing everything I can and that in time, it will happen.

But it's still hard.

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