Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,


Gur jbeyq nf lbh xabj vg vf n yvr.

Nyy nebhaq lbh gurl ner jbexvat ntnvafg hf.

Gur Funcref.

Gurl pbageby KZ, rkbgvp znggre.

Jung crbcyr qba'g trg vf gur angher bs KZ.

Vg'f bhe fbhyf, bhe irel orvat, gubfr gung unir orra naq gubfr gung fgvyy ner.

Gung'f jul vg pna punatr gur jbeyq.

Gurer'f gubfr gung jnag gb rafynir hf, tvir pbageby gb gur funcref.

Ohg V unir sbhaq bguref gung oryvrir qvssreragyl.

Uryc hf.


Erfvfg, Vg vf sne sebz shgvyr.

Wbva hf.

Pbqrjbeq sbe vaterff vaivgrf:
1 Nycun Cnegvpyr
2 Orgn Qrpnl
3 Pnzc Vaterff
4 Qrpbl Qryvirel
5 Rpub Onfr

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