Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

The dream started as a post-apocalypse zombie story, in the deep jungles of ... i have no idea where Liam Neeson is the last administrator of a refugee camp for those safe against the virus, there's still a working goverment somewhere that sends supplies in by helicopter but there are rare and random so there's always a rush when it arrives and people going a little crazy.
There's a lot of action sequences and a kinda cute looking guy starts to help Liam a lot. There is lots of defending the camp against zombies and strangely, nothing bad happens, it's a nice quiet camp and i'm thinking, this is the worst freaking zombie story ever, until the helicopter starts to deliver infants to the camp, most people are happy, hey look it's the continued survival of the human race, yaaay but Liam Neeson is all, hey there's something really funky going on here.
He sneaks onto the helicopter with the cute guy and rides it back over the zombie apocalypse.
Only there's no zombies, at this point he's going ... what the heck is happening here as the helicopter lands and lots of people gather around him all looking grumpy as he's lead away the cute guy hiding in the lifting equipment still.
Liam's taken to a hospital where he's given lots of councilling about what's actually happening, there is no zombie apocalypse but the camp he was at is indeed the last place humans are alive, the rest of the world is now robots with people downloaded into them, Liam is the only living human within like 10,000 miles or something crazy and he begins to freak out about this, about the zombies and stuff being told they are just robots that they use to give the last humans something to unite against, other camps around the world which tried integration with the new robotic way of life failed.
Liam isn't happy but agrees to not go too crazy as he walks around the city he realises he's probably doomed, there's nowhere to eat, nowhere to sleep, the city is completely different from everything he knows and worst he knows he can't go back because he knows the truth and would no longer be able to be the administrator of the camp.
He's about to lose all hope at which point he meets the cute kid who takes him to a old factory where he thinks from all the digging around he can upload Liam into a robot body as well so at least he'll fit in a little, maybe even be a minor celebrity.
Liam agrees to this and everything goes well, he's now in a robot body and agrees to help the kid out, finding food and such for him.
The kid also shows him a neat trick robot's can do, walking him up to a mirror and giving it a soft bang, he's able to change Liam's face so he looks younger.
Liam organises a large "hey i'm a robot now" party, it's a big celebration but as it starts there's no sign of Liam, we instead focus on the kid who is looking around for him, eventually finding him on the roof planning to do something terrible to everyone inside for all the lying, all the people that were killed by him in the refugee camp because they were bitten by "zombies".
The kid agrees this is the best thing to do and goes to give Liam a hug before he does it, only to pull out a computer part that is Liam Neeson, he's now in a device the size of a phone unable to interact with the world.
The kid explains how he couldn't let Liam do that but it's okay, he knows a place he'll be safe.
We see Liam being plugged in with mountains of other of these phones, some just showing static now, most whimpering and crying about things, a graveyard really.
We zoom out on Liam ranting about zombies and robots and not realizing nobody is listening to him, nobody will ever listen to him.
The dream then cut back to the kid who is in a police station, talking all about an deep cover job he's about to go on, it's a little confusing until he walks up to a mirror and bangs on it, showing all along that the kid was also a robot.

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