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The greatest lesson you can ever learn...

Shut yer trap when everyone is disagreeing with you and just accept whatever they are saying.

No matter how well I tried to think out the arguement, no matter how well I typed out exactly what I wanted to say and try and get people to understand nobody, not a single person got it.

Nobody even listened to what I was saying and despite the fact it was 12 to 1 against still continued to argue apparently in fear that somehow the 1 little voice had managed to accumulate 12 votes from somewhere.

I hadn't, all I was trying to do was explain why I said the things I had.

It wasn't even anything big or major, it wasn't even a character defining event.

All I said was some stuff about jam.

Nothing that mattered, nothing important.

Yet still they had to make sure I backed down and didn't question what was going on.

Or prehaps I'm just paranoid.

Which makes me smile, because I know it's probably true.
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