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A friend in the USA was ranting, I posted this as a comment;

I have way too much free time, ne?

The main problem is who are the terrorists.

It seems a dumb question but it's not.

Are the terrorists the fundamentalists striving to have the plight of their country heard (awlright this is a vast and stupid statement but I hope you get the idea...)

Or is it the guy sitting in his shack in Texas with a bb gun threatening to shoot his neighbour's cat the next time it tresspasses into the garden
(again sorry, these are supposed to be stupid and extreme points of view to illustrate something...)

I've noticed that lots of people refer to it as "The Attack" and it's with great distress I have to inform the people of America this is not the first time terrorists have done this kind of thing, remeber Lockerbie, not quite as extreme and a diffrent group but the fact is that those willing to use terror and mass killing as a weapon have been around for quite some time, it's only now that they've done something "big enogth" (President Bush is using some scoring system apparently, this is the first incident to actually "score" a point...) to be noticed.

It's also worrying that everyone is talking about War, this won't be a war it will be a complete and bloody masacre, we have military experts pointing out how hard it will be to fight in these conditions (in Afgahnastan) but that doesn't really matter when you outnumber the enemy forces at least 20:1.

I do agree with your views on politcal correctness however, I think we should all be more like the French and just say, "Bof..." to it all.

America is not the only target, it's not even the primary target of terrorists, it's something they toy with in thier spare time when they want to get noticed.

America is not the front line, it's not even on the same flank as this war of terror.

The most important thing that the USA must remeber is it's principles, you do it everday at school;
'I pledge allegiance to my Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with equality, liberty and justice for all.'

Justice is what we are empishing here, and I know it sounds silly but really accusing Bin Ladin at this very early stage with nothing more then very circumstantial evidence is a rather dangerous option.

On the (slim to non-existant) off chance this was four qualified people with mobile phones on a bad day the consequences of target and even killing the wrong person will destroy America more then phyiscal damage ever could.

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