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Confirming yet again that the world is still confused about how it is supposed to work, several important and key events happened, none of which we shall mention here.

Um and yes, I'm supposed to care because....?

On a vaugly "Wow..." point my granny (a spritly young lass of some 93 years) tried to find the blackout curtains on being told by a very nice BBC reporter that the War on Terrorism had begun.

At first we kinda smirked, then the realisation that of course she was dead serious, and after all why not.

I did think about blacking out the windows (but not to prevent bombs hitting us more a visual protest that most of the world is just stupid.) but realised it would be annoyingly hard to get the paint off.

I may draw a picture of myself as a gothkitty later on, that would be kinda cool.

Oh and if anyone has a credit card that works with paypal i'll gladly send them a cheque/brown enevlope stuffed with cash in return for paying for some fings with it (My livejournal being one and a account being the other.)

Razzin frazzin pile of useless RBOS cards.

Things could be worse.

I might have not been able to go to the furmeet at the weekend.
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