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This is going to be slightly chilling and very callous, you were warned.


I remeber it like it was a month ago, which it was.

A rather unassuming September day, it was actually still just sunny and vaugly warm, a throwback to the rapidly fading summer.

Little of intrest happened that day, it was pretty much like any other day of that month the economy wasn't doing too great but there was still a slight sense of optimism that prehaps the world would not descend into a global recession.

Then around 8,000 people died.

It sounds silly I know, 6,000,000,000 minus 8,000 doesn't even make a glitch in the statstics and the loss was replaced within 45 minutes with the ever increasing populus of the world.

So why did these 8,000 matter any more then the 8,000 that had replaced them?

Because of the reasons they died, we still don't know exactly why they died, prehaps it was to ensure the dominance of one cult, prehaps it was because of someone's beliefs, most likely there was no one solid reason, and that worried people.

8,000 fairly decent and mostly innocent indivduals lost to the ages and there was nobody to blame, there was indeed people who had planned and carried this out but unlike with most events nobody could say, "It was thier fault."

Humans need to assign and designate blame, it's part of thier nature and without the ability to assign blame they aimlessly and futiliy lash out at anything which can be blamed.

One month ago 8,000 people died and still we have no idea why.

Some blame evil, others blame religion, most blame an individual.

But until we know why there will be no "closure" which is a delightfully American word which fits.
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