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So Ironclaw, yes...

Well actually it was pretty good, I based this first scenario on the best Fantasy game i've ever been in (which was a rollmaster game actually but we didn't pay a huge attention to the rules and did some really intensive character based roleplaying and it was at the student national roleplaying championships as well so the quality was really good.)

To kinda prove how good it is, it worked even in Ironclaw and was kinda fun to GM, next week the conclusion of this scenario and then in the third and final week a one off actual Ironclaw setting game, which is going to be intresting.

Back to playing in WFRP for 3 weeks, it's kinda fun but I think i'm going to do the sit and chill thing mainly in subsequent weeks giving me time to plot and plan stuff as well as just to chat to folks.

After that (so this is in like 5 weeks time which is 27thish of Novemeber) Exalted and possibly christmas games.

Exalted is going to be very scary good if I can get it right and christmas game will be very funny good.


In other news.... There is no other news really.

Except to give super big hugs to slycat for being ace and having paypal set up right.

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