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So well, yes.

Let's review.

We'll start with real life, it's much more intresting.

Firstly I have my phone working but of course I don't have any of my numbers, nor can I get at any of my numbers from my old phone.
Thus I have people texting me SMS's and I have no idea who they are.

This annoys me.

Secondly we have Rob.

Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, ROBROBROB!

With what sounds like pteradactals attacking outside.


Rob has been showing at least 6 of the 5 signs of clincal depression.

Wait wait wait... 6 of the 5 signs? Yes there's a checklist of 9 symptoms, tick 5 and you are officially depressed.

Rob can tick at least 6.

So last night around 10:35 (the point in the evening when I'm getting really tired...) I get a text message saying how everyone left.

Well obviously everyone left, it's 10:35pm time to go home and sleep really.

But no, apparently everyone left because of something he said (but he can't remeber what) oh the fun of symptom #3 and # 5 (paranoia and excessive guilt.)

So today my plans are thus;

1 - If time <> 0300 and time >1015; do - Phone Mattman and find out what happened.
2 - Meet with Rob in Illcit Still, maybe bring a trained counciller or some such...

So that's problem #1.

On a bad day I can have up to 7 problems.

Today is a good day, I have but 3.

Problem #2.

camrath has been having problems, which is not neat but hey if I can stop someone topping themselves I can at least try and make a big kitty slightly less sad.

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