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I'm buying some commissions.

Not getting some, not being offered some.

Buying some.

With cash.

One thing about playing Fionacat is she's not supposed to be liked.

But it hurts when folks don't recognise that.

If you don't like Fionacat, i'm roleplaying her correctly and that's good.

But I'm not Fionacat.

Maybe things will change with Squeek who's nice and a perkygothimouse and cute and like me in real life just wants to be with cool folk and drink ice cream floats on a beach somewhere warm.

But i doubt it, people already know that there's some connection between Squeek and Fionacat, Fionacat would lie and deny it that's who she is and what she does.

Squeek can't do that, Squeek is different.

But I doubt anyone will notice.

More importantly I doubt anyone will care.

But that's Fionacat, making people care about things, big things, small things, insignificant things even things that are not real.

That's what she does, forces people to care.

That's why I still like playing her, it works.

It means it's cold and lonely here, it means I see people who i'd really like to say hi to scream and shout at me and not at Fionacat.

But that's what she's supposed to do.

It's been six years since Fionacat came into being, that's a long time relativly speaking more so when you realise most furs here in the UK six years ago were still in primary school.

I've been furry for ten years, that's forever. When I first found out what furry was and that I could fit in there were folks that were still learning to count.

I'm old.

It's hard to learn when your are old.

Squeek is new and I hope that I can keep him new, seeing everything for the first time from a diffrent angle.

I'd like that.

It would be really cool as well if you are reading this to leave a comment.

Just a Hi! or a Howdo!, that will make me smile lots.
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