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fionacat's Journal

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15 September 1979
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Status report: Node.225760

Genotype:> Micro anime biker catcat babe.

Brief:> Godess in training on Furrymuck, force for general disorder and chaos everywhere else.

Notes:> Upgraded from "Mostly harmless" to "Potential danger" as of August 2001.

Current occupation:> Cog in the wheel of a great machine.

>>> End status report

Hey everyone, got bored with the old bio so updated it to this.

Fierce to defend friends and her point of view, often seen attacking rather then defending.

Idenpendant (or maybe just isolated) from other furs.

Original, the one and only. But Fionacat does have at least one evil twin.

Nice and very fluffy when at rest, often makes cute soudns in sleep.

Adaptable able to change and modify to the situation at a moments notice.

Cat-like, feline and don't forget it.

Annoying, and at times, a jerk.

Tactile loves skritches and hugs and fluffing and well any tactile input.

I am currently involved in a strange three way love triangle with a Strawberry and an Raspberry, it's going to turn into a bit of a jam but everything will be fine I'm sure.

Generally i'm quite optimistic, I do get slightly down from being so isolated from other furs but very rarely show this openly.

Statement of concern (31st May 2007)
Interests: I do not support or condone any of the activites listed in my intrests, they are merely things I am intrested in.

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